"Merrill Davies' story-telling talents and real-life relationships merge in this engaging book. She takes readers into the complexities and conflicts of shared community life while affirming the realities that homeless is an adjective, not a noun, and that honesty and grace trump assumptions and fears."

--John D. Pierce, D. Min.

 Executive Editor, Baptists Today 

"Homelessness is a condition that is much more comfortably considered from a distance. It visits people that are 'othered' in cities bigger than our own. Ms. Davies bridges this perceptual gap by bringing homelessness home. Her characters and situations are real, offering a glimpse into local neighborhood issues and dramas that exist just beyond newspaper headlines. Her insightful narrative brings us to the edge of the pond and places the pebble in our hands."

--Randy Richardson, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer and Dir. of Forensics

Communications Dept., Berry College (Rome, GA)

"THE TRUTH ABOUT KATIE  is a powerful story about forgiveness, healing, and moving on from trauma and betrayal.  Merrill Davies is making a name for herself as a writer of women's fiction."

-Cheryl Norman, author of RUNNING OUT OF TIME  and REBUILD MY WORLD.

I love to teach also.


I'm not your stereotypical writer who is a recluse.  I taught secondary school English for 31 years, and I love to go into the classroom and interact with students about their writing.     


In addition to having taught English for thirty-one years, I have worked with gifted education, taught creative writing, and served as advisor to the high school yearbook staff, debate team, and several other academic teams.  Since retiring, I have earned my Distinguished Toastmaster award from Toastmasters International.

I have also done workshops on writing the memoir, tutored several students in writing, and have been a dissertation reader for several doctoral students.




About Me

Our Pebble in the Pond was published in March 2016 by Martin Sisters Publishing.

In 2003 a homeless shelter opened in our city and was named for my husband. Because of this, my husband and I have become acquainted with many people who have been homeless at some point in their lives.

My hope is that readers of Our Pebble in the Pond will understand that being unable to rent or own a place to live is not an indication of the kind of person one happens to be. I have talked to many homeless people over the last ten years, and in doing so I have learned that they are as diverse as any other segment of society.


Family is very important to me, and I think that is evident in all of my writings.  I have been fortunate to have loving parents and a sister, as well as a close extended family, including nearly fifty first cousins. Also, my husband of nearly fifty years and I have two wonderful daughters and their families who live close by and keep in touch almost daily.  Our six grandchildren are frequent visitors and I have enjoyed assisting them in many school projects, especially when they involve the language arts. When I write about family relationships, they are usually healthy ones, or they are working toward being in harmony.

I'd like to share with you a little about my latest book.


B.A. in Eng. & Educ. ,Union College (KY)

M.A. in Literature, Jacksonville State(AL)

Ed. Spec. in Leadership, Berry College(GA)

My skills include writing, publishing, editing, and speaking.    I continue to work on my communication and leadership skills through active membership in Rome Toastmasters .

Through membership in Rome Area Writers, Atlanta Writers Club, and SCBWI I  keep in touch with a network of writers who inspire me and teach me to be a better writer.

I'm passionate about giving back to  the community. I read/speak/teach in any school, church, or club where I'm invited.


In THE WELSH HARP "...Davies gives Gwen some realistic, serious challenges to overcome in America, such as dealing with her mother's depression following a stillbirth....Readers will find much to empathize with in Gwen's struggle to contribute to her family without losing sight of herself."--KIRKUS REVIEW

"THE WELSH HARP is a sweet, coming-of age story about a young girl from Wales who overcomes hardship and achieves her dreams through faith and perseverance.  On my recommended list!"

-Dr. Lawrence Baines, Department Chair

Instructional Leadership & Acad. Curriculum

University of Oklahoma